Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Christmas Carol - the rest of the cast and other credits

We did it - it's done (but maybe not - watch this space) ... in the meantime - kudos go out to everyone involved, among others, Montian Gilruth who was the official "listener" to all the voices and turned the chaos into a stream so that the audience would have a seamless time of it.

Gotta love those listening antennae ;-).

The multi-talented Santa Kwassman was an amazing Scrooge - and on top of it made his own costume to wear for the role.
The set created by Paddy Wright - I've mentioned that before but I simply cannot get enough in one eyeful of this - perfect for the reading, and the ghostlike procession of images evocative of the scenes that are so familiar to us from this classic tale.  Couldn't make up my mind which shot of this to choose so here are a bunch.

The people who came to listen - thank-you!  If you enjoyed this a tenth as much as we did, I'm happy :-)

Two cast members not mentioned earlier - Jane and Sidhe - who joined us for the performance and sounded great!

Finally, without our "guardian angel" Aaack we would have surely experienced some interruptions and questions from arriving audience members - he kept everything flowing smoothly.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Santa Claus is coming to town ... er, Teal

Santa Kwassman, captured during rehearsal - looks for all the world like Crap Mariner had better not pout ;-)