Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Some silliness on the Ridge for this week -

And a photo that somehow turned out rather well:

Monday, February 9, 2009

MusiCom - Message display and stream manager

Today, Toby Lancaster posted on SLMC:
Inspired by an idea from Montian Gilruth, Bree Birke and I have designed and built MusiCom; a message display and stream management device for venue hosts and performers.
When a live music concert is put on in SL, there is a familar sequence of events where the performer seeks confirmation from the audience that they can be heard. If the audience is very talkative or using chat gestures in open chat, or if several IMs are coming in at once, messages may get missed. This is where the MusiCom comes in. Its primary function is to communicate with the musician, and provide necessary information in an easy-to-see and prominent manner.

There are three components to the MusiCom:
The main communications unit is intended to sit on the stage like a stage monitor. It has a pair of textured surfaces that face the musician. It is accompanied by a RELAY unit which is required for stream setting functions. Copies of the RELAY can be used in the case of multi-sim/parcel venues. There is also an optional musician HUD.
The MusiCom menu provides options to set streams or radio stations (stored on notecards). Appropriate messages are displayed on the MusiCom indicating to the performer whether the stream is "Off", "Stand By" (telling the performer to start streaming) or "On Air" informing the performer that they can be heard. There is also an option to display additional important messages to the performer, e.g. "Too Quiet", "Too Loud", "Some Distortion", "No Sound", "Check IM" etc.

The MusiCom can be purchased for 998L$ at our new shop TBC, near The Comfort Zone.
Partial screenshots above show Toby and Djai Skjellerup with the HUD onscreen, and the main unit on the ground - though I don't think I've ever heard Djai too quiet ;-) .