Monday, July 21, 2008

Pics from Relay for Life in Second Life

On the road after my "homies" met the challenge that made me take my hair off

The list of poignant and beautiful songs that accented why we are all doing this
The team lap - Go Raiders!
The team lap again - no species discrimination here!
The formal lap after the closing ceremony
Along the way - trains in the New Babbage build
Along the way - Hogwarts from above
at the Yacht Club - that's telling it

SL Relay for Life - a Catalyst

Well, Relay for Life's annual event in SL was over yesterday and everyone's talking about how it made history - don't take "everyone"s word for it - have a look at the numbers at the Relay for Life of Second Life website - virtual people (how "unreal" they are is arguable) in a virtual world, generating virtual funds that can be turned into very real money for a very real cause. Pics to come :-)

It is the importance of this event that got me finally started with something meaningful in this blog which I opened just to look at the technology from a user end; my future postings may well remain sketchy.