Monday, July 21, 2008

SL Relay for Life - a Catalyst

Well, Relay for Life's annual event in SL was over yesterday and everyone's talking about how it made history - don't take "everyone"s word for it - have a look at the numbers at the Relay for Life of Second Life website - virtual people (how "unreal" they are is arguable) in a virtual world, generating virtual funds that can be turned into very real money for a very real cause. Pics to come :-)

It is the importance of this event that got me finally started with something meaningful in this blog which I opened just to look at the technology from a user end; my future postings may well remain sketchy.

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ArtHunter said...

As a spouse to a breast cancer survivor, I certainly support the cause.

Goog luck at getting this blog off the ground. BTW, I do like your choice of music. Do you do the graphics aas well?