Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas All Year Through

Wasn't that a party!??

Just a short post to say what wonderful fun yesterday was and how much in the way of good feeling was shared - and what's a  good party without a bad griefing ?! 

While that was definitelty annoying and it took me a few moments to stop the griefer objects which were replicating, it didn't sour thing for long and the griefer didn't leave much of a mark.  As a matter of fact, because of the timing, just as Djai and Toby were about to stream, for the very first time, the mp3 recording of Christmas All Year Through, that people had been waiting for - one remote listener commented that hearing comments about the griefing on the stream added to the suspense in an almost good way - at least from a remote pov.   So whatever the motivation behind this was - let the griefer consider that it backfired ;-) .

Thanks to all those who helped by id'ing the owner of the objects while I was returning them, and particularly the calm solid advice to the crowd  while I was too busy turning stuff off on the land tab and returning replicating objects.  

Too busy to take my own piccies at this one - hoping someone will have some I can hotlink to :-)

Here they are - from Sally Silvera's photo stream on Flickr:  (thank-you Sally!)

Carah Nitely

Toby & I


Djai & Toby playing the last set before the release of Christmas All Year Through