Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Christmas Carol

I'm echoing Crap here 'cause he beat me to it - look for a reading of "A Christmas Carol" Saturday the 13th 10 am at Cinnamon Court on Teal Island.

Kae Sura adapted the piece for our reading and Paddy Wright built a wonderful set - both perfectly suited to the purpose.

Montian Gilruth is adding his technical expertise to gather the voice contributions and redirect them via a stream to be heard in sl.  Some of the other (unusual) suspects ... er, cast members ... include Gillian Carthage and Carter Liveoak who own the venue, Crap Mariner, Oshkosh, Morton DaCosta, Katy Ballyhoo, and myself:


Here's the slurl:  Come at 10am slt on Saturday the 13th and hear this rogue's gallery in action!

I just realized that I love that I can say "I'm echoing Crap" without even giving it a second thought - well, without a third thought anway - I guess that was the second thought.


Djai said...

This is very cool Bree! What part are you playing!?!?! :)

Bree said...

Scrooge's fiancée - from Christmas past, as well as Mrs. Cratchit - great fun :-)