Saturday, April 25, 2009

An explosive time

Take a few bricks and boards, shngles, panes of glass, beams, and a door - put them together painstakingly for a perfect little 5500-prim house - and what do people plan to do with it? Well, if they're a little crazy like me, Crap Mariner, Rush Gastel and SeanMcPherson Senior ...

Sean's video:

Crap has the "before" shots and the initial dropping of bricks and bits:

After a while it slowed down and stopped in a state of suspended animation - until Rush got the idea to pick up what was already on the ground - then the others started coming down.

Last but not least - thanks to Rush for 1) building this!  and 2) being a great sport and participating in the destruction - and 3) building the lovely dancing waters that I placed in The Mists of Nitida quite a while ago.

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