Thursday, July 16, 2009

SL Relay for Life 2009 - Challenge to my friends

This year's theme is "One World, One Hope"

***We beat our goal of a quarter million US dollars - I don't know the final figures yet. There is still money trickling in, even the Relay special Linden bear will still be available until the end of the month. It comes in Large, Medium, and Small.

Here is the map about a third of the way through the first lap, the survivors' & caregivers' lap.
Who hasn't been touched, directly or indirectly, by cancer?
I don't often solicit from my friends, however, for those of you who would like
to support me in my goal of helping out in some small way - I'm challenging myself to not only support this cause but let others know about it - it's the only charity I
am aware of in Second Life where the organization itself has a strong presence inworld and ensures that donations go through officially-sanctioned kiosks, that spreads the moneys taken in from inworld efforts around the globe even though the organization itself is in the USA. This even though it is a US-based organization.
I had already lost my mother, several friends, and even pets to this disease,
and know others who are currently fighting. During the 2008 Relay in SL, I
started running the RFL track seriously after speaking with a friend who was
battling cancer at the time and dropped in to visit. She has since lost her
battle. I was angry at the disease then, and am angrier now. So I will cheer
on the survivors and caregivers in their first lap, and then run my avatar from
start to finish, as long and far as I can.
If you wish to support me in this, drop by the Relay SIMS during the event this
coming weekend. Explore the amazing builds in the sims, play the games, listen
to the music, light the luminaria, drop Lindens in the kiosks if you can. I will be doing the same, and running the track as well.

The photo is the Raiders campsite - just one of countless amazing builds to explore on the relay sims.
And if you'd like to, help me know that I'm not running just out of anger - if
there's a website posting during the event of runners and their placement, I'll
keep track of how I'm doing. If I finish in the top 100, add a little extra to
your donation. Perhaps a multiple of the difference between the 101st place and
my actual finish. Something like:

PlacementPotential Donation choices in Lindens
99 2 20 200
983 30300
97 4 40 400
96 550 500


98 980 9800

99 990 9900

100 100010000

I should warn you that I came in 18th last year without starting with the goal
of doing the entire thing. On the other hand, I expect a lot more people to
take part this year.

Stats are being posted here: - The thought that
some of you may wish me well in this will keep me going!

***Post-relay update - I made 11th :-) (my goal was somewhere in the top 100)

Thanks muchly, my friends :-)

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