Friday, April 25, 2014

It has been nearly 3 years ...

... so I thought I should revive this blog. I'll begin by tieing it together with my last post, where I was getting ready to leave for the Montreal Musicians' Meetup.  If I want to relive it, or share it, I go to my YouTube channel where many, many hours of the music have been shared.  For a quick recap, these videos were taken at a get-together of Second Life musicians and their fans, in real life.  We were about 50 people, and had a glorious time! The backdrop of the stage was a Second Life screen, from the point of view of an avatar we had following the musicians from venue to venue where we streamed both audio and video from the real life event into Second Life - a true mixed-reality experience.Here's Montian Gilruth, the organizer of the event (I just helped a little!) - enjoy!


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